Riba Swimming Club

The Riba swimming club, officially a sports association, was founded in 2002 by a group of young swimming enthusiasts and ex-competitive swimmers, brimming with ideas and eager to put them into practice. Eleven years later, our ideas are working and our enthusiasm is going as strong as ever. We have a club now with members aged from 3 to over 60, who all love swimming and share the appreciation of this sport that not only exercises the body but is good for the mind as well. And since injuries in swimming are rare, it’s a sport that can be done throughout one’s entire life. We share our convictions and knowledge with all who join us. We learn from one another and grow together, because swimming is our passion. Our mission is to provide fun and challenging swimming workouts to all who want them.

Who is Who in Riba

The club president is Tina Jeromen, a psychologist. Her closest associate and right hand is Barbara Poljšak, the club treasurer and the head of programs for children and adults. The head coach in the club is Oliver Mumalo, the heart and soul of our competitive program. The head of the program is Joh Dokler, who supervises the organization and functioning of the squads. Jana Čander, a physical education teacher, is head of the programs for children, coordinating the work of the numerous instructors working with our youngest swimmers; she also carries out Riba’s disability swimming program, both beginners and competitive swimming.

Riba’s Programs

Swimming for children

Beginners course for children – Munchkins

The Learn-to-Swim course is designed to make children comfortable in the water and teach them the basics of swimming: submerging their head, exhaling underwater, gliding in the water, and swimming a few meters. The teaching is based on play with the use of the latest swimming aids. Within the groups, children are divided into smaller groups according to their age and swim level.

Intermediate course for children – Little Fish

The intermediate course is designed for children who are already comfortable in the water. They have learned skills such as gliding (the “boat” exercise), exhaling underwater, and can swim 5 to 10 meters. The workouts teach the basics of breaststroke and backstroke. Children are divided into small groups according to their age and swim level.

Sports Swimming School

Having mastered basic breaststroke and being able to swim 25 meters, children go on to sports swim school. There they learn advanced breaststroke, basic backstroke and freestyle, start dives, and turns.

Competitive swimming program

There are 4 training groups or squads in the competitive program. In Group 4, children are still learning proper technique for all strokes and occasionally participate in swim meets intended for novice/beginner swimmers.

Group 3 is an intermediate program aimed at children who love water and want to become real swimmers. Children learn all four strokes and test their knowledge at selected swim meets. We also teach them sportsmanship, dedication, and goal-orientation, and prepare them for being part of a team in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Once or twice a year the group attends a several-day long swimming boot camp.

Group 2 is for swimming enthusiasts. They have practice 5 times a week and regularly attend competitions. Twice a year the group attends swimming boot camp. The group comprises two competitive age groups of younger boys and girls.

Group 1 comprises swimmers whose swimming skills reach the highest levels. They constantly refine technique, train regularly, and compete at home and abroad, at national and European championships and international meets.

Swimming for adults

Recreational swimming for adults is intended for all who wish to get a good workout in the company of like minded water-loving people. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, swimmers learn the basics of all four strokes and improve their endurance. They choose which group to join based on their swim level – learn-to-swim courses or recreational swimming workouts with instructors (recreational and masters competitive groups). The season begins in late September and runs through mid-June, with special summer recreational workouts organized in July and August.

Recreational swimming for adults

Recreational groups are designed for adults who can sustain swimming “without stopping” for approximately 5 minutes. The workout in every group is divided at two levels of proficiency. The beginners’ course teaches the basic water and swimming skills, focusing above all on proper breaststroke. The intermediate course teaches the proper technique of breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle, and the basics of butterfly. Adult swimming workouts are mostly scheduled in the evening and a few also in the morning.

Masters competitive squad

The masters competitive squad is an advanced group designed for adults that used to be competitive swimmers or have been recreational swimmers for a while. The swimmers refine their stroke techniques and improve their endurance levels by attending 2 to 3 practices a week and regularly competing in masters events.

Learn-to-swim courses for adults

Course 1 - The beginner course for adults is intended for adult non-swimmers or very poor swimmers who are uncomfortable in the water. They work on getting accustomed to the water – by submerging their head, exhaling underwater, gliding, looking underwater, and learning the basics of a simple stroke, usually breaststroke. The course is designed for small groups and is carried out in shallow water.

Course 2 - The intermediate course is for swimmers with some basic level of swimming who are uncomfortable in deep water. The skills taught are the technique of breaststroke and body position for maximum buoyancy. The aim is to overcome discomfort and gain confidence in one’s swimming skills. The lessons are carried out in small groups and in a pool with a shallow and a deep end.

Course 3 - This course is intended for adults who are poor swimmers and need to pause frequently. They will learn proper breaststroke technique and work on their endurance. They will also try diving, several body positions and other techniques that improve swimming skills.

Swimming for older adults

This program is designed for adults over 65 years of age. The workouts are focused on improving swimming skills and on providing safe workouts for enhancing general physical fitness.

Swimming for the socially underprivileged

Unemployed or otherwise socially underprivileged adults can join any adult program (learn-to-swim courses, recreational swimming, morning recreational swimming) at a 40% discount.

Swimming for people with disabilities and children with special needs

Disability swimming

The program is intended for children and teens or young adults with disabilities (as classified by the Sports Federation of the Disabled of Slovenia). They are included in the regular children’s squads with additional individual work when necessary. The head of the program is a professional instructor specializing in coaching the disabled; she designs the programs and directs other instructors and volunteers. In addition to being trained/qualified instructors, they have all taken a course in the Halliwick Concept. Using the Halliwick Concept we first introduce non-swimmers and those with severe motor disabilities to the basics of floating in water, followed by adapting one or more strokes to the individual swimmer’s needs and motor specifics.

Children and teens with special needs

This program is intended for children with special needs or physical or mental handicaps. We work individually with non-swimmers and children with severe disabilities. We teach them the basics of floating on water following the Halliwick Concept, then swimming on the back (adapted backstroke), later possibly one or more strokes, depending on the child.